OCTO CHRONOGRAPH: a sophisticated creation with a distinctive character

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The new Octo Chronograph presented by Bulgari combines Italian genius with Swiss perfection. The character of the Octo watch stems from its roots. Embodying the result of an encounter between Italian creativity and Swiss expertise, it draws upon the best of these twin influences to adopt a stance mid-way between voluptuous elegance and rigorous discipline. Octo is best understood as a piece of architecture paying vibrant tribute to Italian creative genius, as well as an emblem brimming with symbolic values.


The octagon, an ancient universal geometric figure conveying numerous symbols and meanings, is inextricably bound up with the history of civilisations and cultures. Stretching across continents and from east to west, this association of two basic shapes carries countless emblematic values and a variety of symbolisms. The concepts of balance, harmony, power and eternity are frequently associated with this eight-sided figure. In medieval Europe, alchemists often considered the combination of the square and the circle to be not just the very expression of perfection, but also the relationship between Earth and Heaven: the square, standing for Humankind and the circle, the embodiment of Divinity, create the link between the two representations.


The octagon has left countless architectural traces across Europe and Asia. It notably lies at the very foundation of Chinese history, civilisation and thought. At a later stage in China’s development, the circle and square came to stand for a symbolic relationship expressed according to architectural principles.


The construction of the Octo is a concentrated blend of this emblematic historical content. Far more than just a watch, the piece transcends its function to take on a broader dimension filled with aesthetic and emotional meaning. Beneath its simple formal exterior lies a complex set of contents that it conveys by playing on paradoxes: a sense of inherently immutable balance, perfection, immortality and eternity on the one hand; and on the other, the contribution of human know-how and horological mastery.


By thus marrying formal Italian genius with Swiss watchmaking expertise to channel a blend of charisma and sophistication, Octo offers a whole new take on existing design codes in order to offer a dual interpretation.


Embodying the ultimate urban watch, the Octo is dedicated to strong personalities. This refined creation reveals its character at first glance: a distinctive nature, an instantly identifiable signature profile that, together with technical substance, all proclaim exceptional power and style. The Octo Chronograph displays the classic face of this timepiece genre: three sub-dials forming a V shape – with the seconds at 3 o’clock, the hours at 6 o’clock and the minutes at 9 o’clock – to endow the dial with pleasing visual balance. The indications are thus harmoniously arranged on an attractive hand-polished black lacquered dial.


Make no mistake: this straightforward ‘measuring instrument’ appearance conceals a complex object that conveys a blend of power and elegance in both pink gold or steel versions. The apparent simplicity of the Octo is contradicted by the sophisticated design of its octagonal case topped by a pure, restrained crown. This rigorous formal combination brilliantly expresses the geometry of perfection, accentuated by the 110 alternately polished and satin-brushed surfaces. The harmonious proportions of the case reveal a nature that defies the standard conventions of horological classicism.


This singular architectural demonstration is powered by a mechanism worthy of such an exceptional new model: BVL Calibre 328, an integrated-type high-frequency (36,000 vph) self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement equipped with a silicium escapement.  It is endowed with a 50-hour power reserve. The Octo Chronograph comes in three versions: an 18K pink gold case and alligator strap, a solid steel case with alligator strap, or a steel bracelet. The Octo line reflects the perfection of Bulgari’s masculine values, imbued with authentic charisma and personality. Like the existing models that, since 2012, have established a new contemporary reference code for men’s watches, the Octo Chronograph asserts itself firmly among the elite in its domain.