Spanish home BY Arch. Tarek Beshir

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Tarek Beshir Architects is a professional design firm offering services in architecture, landscape architecture
and interior design to clients in Egypt and abroad in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. In
practice since 1995, the firm has earned great praise and enjoyed much success in managing and completing numerous projects of varied scope, scale and complexity.
This house of simple stucco walls is designed to breathe easily. It is characterized by a respect for the climate and is reminiscent of the traditional Mediterranean style. It is geometrically disciplined to provide privacy and tranquility.
The organic interplay of indoor and outdoor space admits natural light and cool air and allows for both large and small groups to gather comfortably. Of particular importance, is the visual perception created by the portico
that spills onto the lush indoor atrium as well as the intimate courtyard. The space is structured to encompass
a well-manicured lawn that leads to the pool, the Asian inspired spa and the beautifully sculpted garden with its
sweeping shrub borders and artfully placed trees.