Mediterranean beach house by MERGE

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O Design House & Basma Dorgham Studio decided to unite their firms into the Merge that’s only purpose is to give the Client the most satisfying experience in all aspects possible, time frame, top quality, uniqueness, and most important the most professional online project management system, made especially for easy daily follow up of the project’s progress.

Mediterranean beach house / Amwaj Resort – North coast

Beach house is the isolation you seek from all the world, that’s why Merge team decided its best to create a Mediterranean mood for the house so the owners would feel really relaxed and enjoy their time out in an interior that reflects all the positive energy they seek.

Moving on to the cooking part (playful part), with the proper creative interior you can get a whole new experience inside a Mediterranean style kitchen Each element in the interior serves your mind, heart and body. We simply create what you really deserve to have.

Starting with the calming yet energetic color pallets, the calm relaxing off-white merging with the playful yet soothing Turquoise combined with the strong strokes of the burnt dark brown in the wood panels placed carefully in the interior targeting strengh and keeping it simple in a hard equasion.

Taking the body and soul to the next step as we go deepen into the interior you feel the variety of lighting methods that matched your different moods, also you find a semi isolated master bedrooms that help you wind off a bit so you can keep you beach schedule on.

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