Guanahani Hotel & Spa, St Barths French West Indies By Luis Pons Design Lab

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Hotel Guanahani is an opportunity to create an authentic tropical design language rooted in the particular history and culture of the region. The spirit and meaning of the design speaks to St. Barth’s location in the arc of the Caribbean islands that reaches from the Dominican Republic to South America. The profile of the hotel has been defined from the beginning as the place to go for elite young families, cultured, informed, well travelled, educated and refined connoisseurs with a taste for beautiful details. These people who live in metropolises, lead a sophisticated lifestyle, they take care of their mind and bodies and are aware of their health and diet, yet enjoy the goods things in life. A sense of savoir-vivre is what characterizes them. When these families visit Guanahani, they are looking for the safety and security of a private environment, in a place that provides a sense of relaxed luxury and comfort while still continue to enjoy exposure to the sexy lifestyle of places in the island.


The new Guanahani experience as the St Barth’s experience both intertwined and inseparable.

The Guanahani lifestyle should be one of lived-in-stories, rooms as maps of life, memories of happy times, magical days drifted serenely from one to the next, indulgence and leisure, sights and smells, simple pleasures that will remain forever in the memory of the beholder.


Interiors carry the experience of the architecture and landscape into the rooms. Each room evokes a different vision of the world, has its own character and creates the story of a different persona, celebrating the singularity and uniqueness of its visitors. Each room feels lived-in and alive, narrating the past and present of its habitants while documenting the history of the island. Rooms open toward the outside and become extensions of the terraces.

Mirrors bring life and light to new focal points in which nature is the major component.


The fifth lines of the Guanahani furniture collection are inspired by the furniture used by explorers on their journeys through the colonies. The furniture reflects the spirit of the exterior of the bungalows; it validates a new Caribbean contemporary style that uses its own cultural references rather than borrowing from the languages of other tropical destinations. Each line in the collection represents a persona, a unique character.