Meet HomeStyle Magazine

HomeStyle Magazine is the first magazine of its type and a leader in its domain. It’s one of the region’s ultimate design magazines featuring the latest trends and projects. HomeStyle is a must-have for everyone interested in style: newlyweds, homeowners, architects, interior designers, furniture designers and real estate developers. It is decor-driven, art-inspired and self-made.




Published bimonthly since 2008

Born by design and nurtured by passion, HomeStyle was launched in 2008. It is published every two months in both Arabic and English. HomeStyle satisfies the region’s current need for quality design content whether in the field of Interior Decoration, Furnishing, Architecture and even Art and Design. It is committed to beauty and to fighting visual pollution. We expect quality on every level. See our latest issue to discover fresh ideas, exclusive interviews and breathtaking photography.





Expanding from Syria to Egypt

A high-standard lifestyle magazine hugely successful in Syria, HomeStyle is expanding to Egypt as part of its regional expansion plan to bring to more readers the latest in furnishing, art and design. HomeStyle is published online and in print with some 40,000 readers per issue. Grab your copy at selected restaurants, cafes, malls, showrooms, exhibitions halls and major sites. Or join our mailing list by contacting us.




On the Cutting Edge of the Art of Living

HomeStyle is a décor reference, design trendsetter, and international furnishing guide. From furniture to product design and architecture to art, HomeStyle runs on style. It’s a platform where designers and developers present their latest trends and where homemakers discover new lifestyles. Readers and advertisers who join us know: we’re on the cutting-edge of the art of living in the Middle East.




A Source for Design Inspirations

HomeStyle was born to enrich both your home and your life. This is because your personal style begins with your home, and your home style shapes your lifestyle. Flip through the pages of our magazine and discover the possibilities.